Oral Surgery

We understand that once our patients establish a relationship with our office, they prefer to have as many of their dental needs taken care of by us.  That is why most oral surgery procedures are handled “in house”.  Although our focus is to save every tooth possible, sometimes unfortunate circumstances result in a tooth needing to be extracted.  Whether it is a tooth that has a large amount of decay and cannot be saved, or a tooth that has lost its supporting bone due to gum disease, these extractions can be taken care of for you.Other oral surgery procedures include orthodontic extractions for comprehensive treatment, and apicoectomies, which is a surgical procedure to treat failed root canals.   We realize that there is a great deal of anxiety associated with having a tooth extracted, so every care is taken to keep you as comfortable as possible.  If an oral surgery procedure is needed, please call, where your comfort is our primary concern.